Transformation From Within Book

A Transformational Journey of Surrender, Discovering, and Healing

“Powerful and inspiring story, a must read book, will transform your life.”
 ~ Viki Winterton, Publisher
​Bestseller International Organization


Do you want to live a life of purpose, a life of direction, a life of meaningfulness?

Do you finally, after all the struggles that you have been through, the trauma and the tragedies, want to be happy, want to be free?

Do you see yourself engulfed in a state of constant festivities, breathing in the merriments of life that is abundant with innovation, creativity, adventures, awareness and above all, spiritual transformation?

When the gruesome rain of failure seems to be pouring down, drenching us in the melancholy of rejection and regrets, soaking us from top to toe in the fear of living unaccomplished, our sight becomes too blurry to be able to see the path towards success

  • ​the path that we seek to follow in order to achieve the opulence of life.

Do you feel like you have finally struck the nadir of doom? That your fate is hopeless and that you as an individual are at the verge of collapse?




Have you ever wished to just finally overcome all the depression in life by driving on the road of progress to finally reach your destined mental peace?

Can you imagine living a joy-filled, purposeful life, complete with an abundance of love, happiness, and prosperity?

Can you envision success and fulfillment, a life infused with creativity, awareness, and high spiritual growth?

Do you find yourself to be a casualty of eerie loneliness? That no one will ever be able to understand you? That nothing in this doleful life will ever make you happy because you have already drowned in the ocean of disruption and chaos?

Then remember, one who endeavors can always swim through and to the surface of the same ocean that drowns one. If something buries you under, breaks you down, you can always hustle your way out of the pits of the ground by collecting your broken pieces together and resurrecting a whole new person whose only ambition is to reach the vertex of internal merriment.

​​And to reach that pinnacle of progress to breathe in the air of freedom, you need all the right resources to get on track. You cannot reach a destination, even if you know the path, unless you have the right vehicle to reach a distant zone

  • ​that vehicle for to achieve internal gaiety in life is exactly what Transformation from Within is all about!

​If so, Transformation from Within will take you on a transformational journey that will empower you to honor who



you really are and take back control of you life!
​If you feel as if you’ve reached rock bottom, that people cannot understand your painful struggle to get through each day, this book is for you.

​If you find yourself faced with two choices: to move forward and change or give up and stop living, this book will gently guide you through the three stages of Surrender, Discovering, and Healing to help you accept your truth and begin your sacred journey forward to emerge triumphant as who you are meant to be.

For a journey to reach the higher purpose of your life, you need to realize that the only way from rock bottom is the stairway to a heavenly life. To venture beyond the restrictions of dispositions and onto the channel of gratification, you will learn in Transformation from Within:

  • The right way to channel your emotions and stimulate your mindfulness
  • To accept your failures as they come and learn from them by mastering the art of never repeating them
  • The expertise of encountering the sanctity of your spirits
  • The philosophy of learning more about yourself, of getting to know yourself, your flaws and strengths, accepting them and then improving them.

​Transformation from Within will be the metamorphosis you needed to evolve from the pits of fiascos to the apex of success, available in November 27th, 2018.


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