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An internationally bestselling and award winning author, Pedro is also a healer, teacher, counselor, spiritual guide, transformational coach, and an ordained minister.


​Pedro’s personal commitment is to remain mindful that life is a mysterious and ongoing spiritual journey of healing and transformation. His work follows his personal ethos, and his individual sessions, group sessions, and workshops all aim to deepen each person’s unique spiritual understanding so that they may comprehend the mystery of life and travel their own special unique path. His approach to teaching is one of deep compassion, and he has a gentle spirit and playful sense of humanity to offer each of his clients. Pedro believes these traits are essential to unlock each individual’s true potential and help them reach self-actualization on their journeys.

Pedro’s spiritual journey was a long, lonely, and arduous one, as he had to face many personal and professional difficulties along the way. However, it was through these struggles that he learned to engage with and navigate difficult situations in order to transform his self and soul. He was aided and inspired in his journey by mentors from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. The impression these mentors left on him played a huge part in his decision to teach and mentor others. His journey led him to the study of natural science, mysticism, and metaphysics, and culminated in the completion of his degree in metaphysical counseling. ​He graduated from the Univerity of Metaphysics International in Sedona, and went on to become the founder of the International Metaphysics Center, which espouses a new thought-transcendent and holitstic way of living. Through his various seminars, events, retreats, and mentoring programs. Pedor derives great personal satisfaction as he helps others achieve the highest degree of peace-filled daily living.

Pedro’s education, life experiences, and spiritual work went on to inspire him to write, and in 2016, he became an international bestselling author. He received the 2016 EIPPY Book Award for the anthology Pebbles in the Pond, for which he was a contributing author. In 2017, he again became an international bestselling author, as he contributed to the award-winning and bestselling series Are You the Missing Piece? For this, he received the 2017 EIPPY Book Award, along with some of the greatest visionaries of our time.


He currently resides in beautiful Florida with his lovely partner Ruth and their dog Princess. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, walking, meditating by the beach, and water-riding.

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