Pedro’s journey to self-discovery

Pedro’s journey to self-discovery


The International Metaphysics Center was founded by Reverend Pedro Power,  ordained minister by the International Metaphysics Ministry. As Pedro was developing his knowledge of mysticism, spirituality, and self, he was guided by a number of his personal mentors, guidance that ultimately showed him that he needed to pay it forward at the end of his journey. Now, he uses his knowledge of science, mysticism, and psychology to help others like you turn away from the prevailing negative attitudes instilled in you by modern life and to start your own journey to self-discovery and empowerment. 


Reverend Power has written and contributed to a number of best-selling books about this philosophy and holistic lifestyle, which you can purchase by visiting his Amazon Pedro Power's Page. Among his publications are: 

All of our founder’s teachings put forth a similar message for you: You can change your life if you first change the way you think about it.  

What the IMC stands for


The International Metaphysics Center is based on shifting the paradigm around which humans tend to think. These days, we’re more prone toward the negative than the positive, the things we want rather than what we have, our failures and shortcomings rather than our strengths and virtues. Our new thought-transcendent institute gives you the resources to unlearn these negative behaviors so you can look inward in a positive way. 


Through speaking engagements, small group teachings, and one-on-one sessions, Rev. Power aims to help you rethink your life and the aspects that make you you. Things aren’t always as they seem, but practically everything in your life is under your control.

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