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12 ways to increase happiness, abundance, and gratitude


Do you focus on abundance or lack? Many people concentrate on what they don't have; as a result, they don’t perceive the richness of their lives, instead missing the wealth surrounding them that could bring them joy. If you want to experience happiness and prosperity always, you need to change your outlook. Once you recognize how blessed you are, you’ll attract good fortune.

1. Count your blessings

Your blessings are many, but much of the time, you don’t see them. Their existence may arise in your mind now and then. They are always present, though, even when you’re not thinking about them. Remembering them strengthens your connection to abundance. Each day, increase an awareness of your blessings. Consider what’s special about your friends and family. Reflect on what you love about your job and where you live. Recall the things that make you smile. They might be as simple as your morning coffee or playing with your dog. These little blessings matter! You would miss them if they were no longer available.

2. Boost appreciation

Appreciate those aspects of life you experience by divine right. The sunshine, wildlife, the ocean, and rainbows…the list could go on forever. When you appreciate them, your spirit lifts. You are not beholden to anyone for them. They are yours to enjoy for free although they are priceless. Bathe in your good luck.

3. Enjoy having enough

There are things you need and want, but it’s also true you have enough of certain things, too. Take pleasure in areas of life where there’s plenty of what you want and need. Maybe you’ve got a comfortable bed or ample food to eat. Perhaps there’s a fantastic view from your window or you have lots of clothes, friends, or work. Amplify your recognition of how abundant you are already.

4. Open your mind to possibilities

You might think of abundance as material wealth, but it comes in many forms. Everyone is prosperous simply by having opportunities before them. You never know what today and tomorrow might bring—the possibilities are infinite. Happily, you get to choose! You decide what to do and where to go, to select your profession and the people in your social circle. You pick what to eat and how to spend time. The possibilities before you are endless and you’re abundant in freedom.

5. List your terrific qualities

You’re wired to improve, so you examine what you perceive as your faults. Nonetheless, you are amazing, unique, and a gift to the world. Look at areas in which you shine. What do you love doing the most? Here lie your talents. List your best qualities, the things you would admire if you came across them in others. Note what’s brilliant about you, from your smile to your talent at making friends. Never forget your fine attributes.

6. What did you learn recently?

Everyone has the potential to be abundant in self-knowledge; you only need recognize and partake of the many lessons available to you. If you don’t, your days will be full of events you can’t control. Once you see how life teaches you, you’ll recognize that being a student of the world makes you wealthy. You can accumulate vast amounts of knowledge about why you think and behave as you do. When you go over what you learn each day, your wisdom will proliferate.

7. See your success

You think about life’s events, both real and imaginary. You go over the past with pictures in your head and look to the future the same way. The scenarios you imagine stimulate your senses and evoke feelings. They also encourage you to meet your needs, according to what you picture. If you see yourself as afraid to take action, you are less likely to reach your goals. Imagine you achieve success and you’ll head in the right direction. Once a day, see abundance surrounding you. Images might include money, a flourishing garden, or anything that increases a sense of richness.

8. Note the well-being tools at your disposal

You may not recognize you’re abundant in well-being tools. Acknowledge you can improve your welfare to increase gratitude and happiness. Anything from listening to music to looking at photographs can stir contentment. List all well-being tools, including activities and material objects. You can record items like laughter, hobbies, shopping, pleasant scents, and favorite meals.

9. Celebrate what’s worked for you

You faced challenges before, but you also met success. Plenty of plans, dreams, and unexpected events worked out for you. You met people and formed special relationships, had fun and overcame problems. Fill your mind with your successes. Recall how they raised your spirits and realize every success increased your confidence. Sometimes, you might forget your achievements and the way they helped your self-esteem. Go over them to rebuild self-assurance and you’ll see you are abundant in success.

10. Use your best stuff

Kids imagine everything is available without delay unless they’re told otherwise. By the time people grow up, they own items they cherish but seldom get to enjoy. They keep favorite clothes at the back of the wardrobe and their best china wrapped in paper somewhere safe. Give yourself permission to use your best stuff every day. Make the most of your abundance instead of keeping it for special occasions. Take pleasure in those items you own that make you happy.

11. Treat yourself

Were you taught to treat yourself only when you deserved rewards? You don’t have to do something out of the ordinary to indulge. You need not achieve anything amazing to enjoy life; that’s an invented idea. Treat yourself every day. Rent movies; eat your favorite ice cream; sunbathe or enjoy time alone. Claim the right to do whatever puts a huge smile on your face whenever you choose.

12. Focus on beauty

There’s beauty around you, but sometimes you’re too busy to notice, or you’re reminded about ugliness via the news and naysayers. Focus on beauty and you’ll realize there’s an abundance of exquisiteness in your life. Examine the skeletons of leaves in the fall. Listen to birdsong. Admire nature unfurl her splendor. The more you seek magnificence, the easier it will be to spot. You’ll stop focusing on what’s wrong or missing and see what thrives. To identify your abundance, you just need to recognize the beauty, opportunities, knowledge, and tools at your disposal. Focus on the prosperity in your life and it will grow. The more you recognize the wonders in and around you, the less you’ll notice lack, and the richer you’ll be.

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